Home Economics

Home Economics covers a wide range of topics which allows students to develop essential life skills. The Home Economics department comprises two fully equipped kitchens and a classroom/textile room that are able to accommodate twenty students in each room.


From S1 until the end of S3, all students will experience a Broad General Education.

S1 pupils visit Home Economics two periods per week for the whole year. There are four main units in S1: Getting Started; Food for Health; The Journey of Food; Textiles Technology.

S2 pupils visit the Home Economics department one period per week for part of the year. They focus on Food for Fitness during this time.

S3 pupils visit the Home Economics department one period per week for the whole year (if opted in). They focus on a Food for Health unit which acts as a transition course into the senior phase.


In our Senior Phase we offer National 5 Hospitality, a practical course which aims to develop a range of cookery skills and food preparation techniques, as well as planning, organisational and time management skills in hospitality-related contexts. This course builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the Broad General Education and is suited to anyone interested in a career in the hospitality or food industry. The course is also open to anyone who enjoys practical cookery and wishes to take their skills to a higher level. To gain the award for this course, students must pass a question paper and practical assignment (3 set dishes by SQA in two and a half hours).