Library Resource Centre

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You will find lots of information on the Library website; for example, reading recommendations, writing competitions and how to access books and resources digitally.

The library has an extensive collection of current fiction books for pupils of all abilities to enjoy – from modern day adventure stories (like Young James Bond), TV tie ins (like Dr Who) to books made into films (the Hunger Games), and books to make you laugh out loud (like the Tom Gates series). There will be a fiction book for every pupil to enjoy. Pupils are actively encouraged to recommend any book to the library and the librarian is always on hand to help pupils try new authors or titles to expand and stretch their reading.

There is a wide selection of non-fiction titles to support the curriculum within school and to read for pleasure. The librarian is always available to help pupils find information at any given time.

All pupils receive two blocks in the library during their S1 year during PLP. The first block focuses on library skills, with the second block focusing on information literacy. The aim is to ensure that pupils will become more independent and confident library users and information searchers equipped to tackle research work across all faculties of the school.

Aims of the School Library

To provide a central collection of resources for the curricular needs of all staff and pupils that will support learning and teaching.

To provide resources for the leisure needs of pupils.

To provide a welcoming and accessible area with the appropriate atmosphere for individual/group study, group work, class use or reading.

To maintain and develop a wide selection of material, making it easily accessible to all staff and pupils.

To develop pupils’ information-handling skills from a wide range of resources and through knowledge of how the library works.

To promote reading as a pleasurable, important and valuable experience through provision of up-to-date and exciting material.

Library resources are used for:

  • class visits
  • research for discursive/persuasive writing and projects
  • personal reading
  • hobbies/leisure interests
  • access to the Internet
  • revision/homework/study area
  • borrowing books

Useful Links

Aberdeen City Council Libraries

A range of online resources for you in research, information and even help with your driving theory test. You must have an Aberdeen City Council Libraries card to access these resources. If you need help, see Mrs Dawson.

National Library of Scotland

Sign up for free membership. The National Library of Scotland allows you access to its huge range of online resources (including full access to JSTOR).

Advanced Higher Students only

University of Aberdeen Library Catalogue

Remember if you want to borrow any material from the University Library, you must see Mrs Dawson and collect a borrowing form.