English & Literacy

The English Department at Cults Academy is one of the largest and busiest departments in the school. Most of the classrooms look out towards Quarry Road, the area being a source of inspiration for local novelist Nan Shepherd. We hope to foster in our pupils the same love of language that fuelled her success.

In Junior phase courses (S1-S3) pupils will have the opportunity to develop the key skills of reading, writing, listening and talking. Pupils will engage in a range of activities in overtaking the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence. In S1-S3 pupils will be expected to create a range of texts across different genres, including creative writing, critical essays, informative and discursive writing. They will also engage with a range of texts including poetry, prose, drama and media. Pupils will have the opportunity to demonstrate their talking and listening skills through group discussion and individual talks.

The National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses give pupils the opportunity to build on the skills developed in the junior phase. In working to overcome course outcomes pupils will develop their skills across the areas of reading, writing, talking and listening. Pupils will study complex texts across a range of genres. They will enhance their appreciation of the Scottish literary tradition by studying a Scottish text. Through detailed engagement with texts across a range of genres, they will develop the skills of understanding, analysis and evaluation. They will develop their ability to structure their thoughts and create coherent arguments through critical essay writing. Pupils will also have the opportunity to produce their own pieces of writing, both creative and discursive, which will be submitted as a portfolio.

English & Literacy Staff
Dr S. Dornan – Faculty Principal Teacher
Mrs C. Caulfield
Miss S. Devaney (Probationer)
Mr J. Higgins
Mrs D. Munro
Mrs H. Radbone
Ms Z. Sabri
Mrs R. Smith
Miss C. Taylor