S1 Drama (1 period per week)

The S1 Drama course introduces learners to the subject; establishing a safe and respectful environment which allows all learners to fulfil their potential. Working predominantly in small groups, pupils will focus on developing the core skills of creating, presenting and reflecting. 

The units explored in S1 are: 

  • Mime 
  • Voice 
  • Script 
  • Friendship

S2 Drama (1 period per week)

The S2 Drama course allows learners to build on the core skills developed in S1. In S2 pupils develop their creating, presenting and reflecting skills in a wider range of contexts. Learners will have opportunities to work independently, in pairs and in small groups to develop their skills. 

The units explored in S2 are: 

  • Fairytales 
  • Black Friday 
  • Improvisation 
  • Mask 
  • Stimulus 
  • Murder Mystery  

Towards the end of S2 pupils are invited to choose one Expressive Arts subject they’d like to continue with in S3

S3 Drama (3 periods per week)

The S3 Drama course allows learners to build upon skills developed in S2 to produce creatively challenging pieces of work. In S3 all pupils create an online profile of their work, allowing them to reflect more deeply on their progress. Learners will gain a deeper understanding of the characters they play through both script work and rehearsed improvisation. In addition, production skills will be used frequently to enhance the work pupils create. 

The units explored in S3 are: 

  • Blood Brothers 
  • “In the Jungle” (Characterisation unit) 
  • Movement and Physical Theatre 
  • Radio Drama 
  • John Lewis Advert (cross curricular project with Music) 
  • Hairspray (Musical Theatre unit) 
  • Production Skills (sound, lighting, costume, props, set and make up/hair) 
  • Stimulus, Form and Structure 


National 5 Drama
The National 5 Drama Course enables learners to develop a range of production skills and skills in presenting drama. Learners also explore form, genre, structure and style of drama.

The units undertaken are:

  • Drama Skills
  • Production Skills

Higher Drama
The Higher Drama Course develops skills in creating and presenting drama. Learners develop and use complex drama skills and production skills to present drama. In addition they will study and analyse both live theatre and text.

The units undertaken are:

  • Drama Skills
  • Production Skills