Art & Design


S1 Art & Design (1 period per week)

The Visual Elements: line, tone, colour, texture, shape, pattern.

Pupils explore the above working with a variety of media with 2D and 3D outcomes and related homework tasks.

S2 Art & Design (1 period per week)

Pupils build on their knowledge & experience from S1 by extending their exposure to and experience of different media and techniques. Work is project based and includes drawing and painting, clay & lino printing projects. Homework linked to class topics is set to reinforce learning as and when appropriate. 

Towards the end of S2 pupils are invited to choose one Expressive Arts subject they’d like to continue with in S3

S3 Art & Design (3 periods per week)

Pupils build on S2 experience and prior learning through projects which offer opportunities for depth, personalisation and choice within the principles of CFE. The emphasis is on extending pupil’s skills, knowledge base and confidence in their chosen subject specialism. Pupils will be stretched in terms of challenge and pace. A range of themes and contexts will be covered with homework linked to class topics set on a regular basis to reinforce learning. Pupils will be given opportunities to work independently and take responsibility for their learning. A number of pupils will be secure in Level 4 by the end of S3.


National 4-5 and Higher
Expressive and Design Unit from a choice of themes and Design Briefs
The study of Artists and Designers related to the above.


Written Exam
Practical portfolio including the development of best idea plus final outcome for both Design and Expressive

Advanced Higher
Pupils follow a personal line of enquiry negotiating the theme with their teacher.
Specialisation in Design or Expressive.
Practical and theory outcomes to support the Unit work.


Practical portfolio including the development of best idea(s) plus final outcome(s) for either Design or Expressive.
Extended essay 1500-1700 words and Evaluation 300 words.