Social Subjects Introduction

In S1 and S2 Social Subjects are taught by a Social Subjects teacher, who delivers History, Modern Studies and Geography. The subjects are taught on a rota, but connections and skills are developed across all subject areas.

All topics lend themselves to interesting and active lessons along with key assessments which match the national benchmarks.

In S3 Social Subjects are taught by specialised teachers on a rota. Towards the end of S3, pupils are able to personalise their curriculum by opting to continue with one or two Social Subjects. See subject areas for more information.

Social Subjects Staff
Mrs C. Bayliss – Faculty Principal Teacher

Miss K. MacLean
Mrs K. Mann

Mr J. Christine
Miss E. Dingwall
Mrs L. Duncan
Ms K. Frost

Modern Studies
Mr E. Bain
Ms L. Elphinstone
Miss L. Shaw (probationer)

Religious & Moral Education
Miss S. Giles
Mrs W. Knowlton