In S1 and S2, all learners follow the same science course. It provides a broad general introduction to science to equip all learners with a range of scientific skills and basic scientific knowledge.

From S3 onwards, learners can study Science or Environmental Science at National level, or they can choose to specialise in Biology, Chemistry or Physics at National, Higher and Advanced Higher levels.

The S1 – S2 course covers the 4 areas identified in the Curriculum Organisers of the National Benchmarks for the Sciences – Planet Earth, Forces, Electricity, Biological Systems and Materials. Predominantly this will be at level 2 and 3.

In S1, pupils will learn about

  • the states of matter, elements, atoms and compounds, gases in the atmosphere
  • cells, microorganisms and vaccination
  • forms of energy; light and sound
  • forces

In S2, pupils learn about

  • biodiversity, photosynthesis, body systems and reproduction
  • separating methods, chemical reactions, acids and alkalis
  • electricity, space and heat

The additional skills that are developed include presentation of data, reporting and summarising findings through investigation and an extended use of scientific vocabulary and research.

Ms S. Furneaux – Faculty Principal Teacher

Miss R. Buchan-Wyber
Dr U. Jayaram
Mrs J. Lowe
Mr M. Robb

Dr C. Hope
Miss L. MacDonald
Miss K. Sommerville
Mrs J. Tumelty
Mr K. Williamson
Mrs L. Wood

Mr J. Currie
Mr J. Jordan
Mr A. MacLean
Mr S. Moggach