Pupil Support – Pastoral

When pupils enrol at Cults Academy they are allocated a House (led by a Depute Head Teacher and Principal Teacher of Pupil Support) and a Tutor Group. There are six houses – Blairs, Cairn, Devenick, Friarsfield, Murtle and Ronan. Cults Academy operates a vertical tutor group system which means that, where possible, siblings from the same family are allocated to the same House and often the same Tutor Group throughout their time at Cults Academy.

Each of the six Principal Teachers of Pupil Support are responsible for all forms of pastoral care and liaise closely with House Tutors and the Depute Head Teacher for each House. This system has been set up to ensure that each pupil is known as an individual, has his/her needs uniquely met and feels valued.

In addition to pastoral care, Personal and Social Education is planned and taught by Pupil Support staff to ensure pupils learn about and can discuss matters such as healthy relationships, health, progress in learning, careers, education and citizenship.

Teenage years can be difficult for some youngsters and Pupil Support staff play an important role in helping pupils who are experiencing problems in their education or personal lives. During Parents’ Evenings there are opportunities for parents/carers to meet Principal Teachers Pupil Support, however if you have concerns about your child’s progress or matters of a personal nature, you can contact the school to make an appointment with the relevant Pupil Support Principal Teacher.

PSP Principal Teachers
Mr C. Leith – Blairs
Mr J. Milne – Cairn
Mrs A. Tweedie – Devenick
Mrs L. Robertson – Friarsfield
Mrs L. Kidd – Murtle
Mrs S. Angus – Ronan