Introduction to Activities Week

Education Scotland stipulate the journey through education must include opportunities for a series of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences. As a school we have a creative and coherent ‘Outdoor Learning Strategy’ and Activities Week is an integral part of this.

Pupils will still rotate around 5 different days in their House groups. Some of the days pupils will experience are Multi Sports, a visit to Transition Extreme and Cocoa Ooze.

S2 Residential Trip
S2 Activities Week will see all pupils offered a fantastic opportunity with Active Outdoor Pursuits, one of the leading providers of outdoor activities in Scotland. There will be three sites all within the Speyside area and pupils will take part in adventure activities which will look to promote a Growth Mindset when they face challenges.

To give you an idea of the types of activities pupils might experience, you can view last year’s residential trip to Newtonmore on Twitter #CANetwonmore17

S3 Residential Trips
In S3 pupils are offered the option of five very different and exciting excursions away during the course of Activities Week.

For examples of some of last year’s trips, go to #CANormandy17, #CABelgium17, and #CAAmsterdam17 on Twitter.

Any S2/3 pupils who do not wish to participate on residential experiences will take part in daily activities.