Health & Wellbeing Week

This week at Cults Academy is Health & Wellbeing Week. Throughout the week there will be a focus each day delivered during Tutorial time. Below are the resources being shown at Tutorial time for pupils, parents and carers to view at home, as well as a timetable of lunchtime events happening throughout the week:


Growing Together’
The slide presentation contains a written introduction to ‘GrowingTogether’ and why it is important.  This is supported by a video (10.17) discussing this topic and introduces a task which pupils can do in their own time, if they wish. – click here for link to Growing Together

‘Sources of Help’
Our Wellbeing Captains, Imogen & Sophie have created a slide presentation including advice from teachers and lots of links Out of School help too. – click here for link to ‘Sources of Help’

Lunchtime Activity
Staff v Junior Pupils Dodgeball: Games Hall, 12.40-1.10pm


‘What’s Up With Everyone’
This is a collection of short animated videos developed to encourage young people to become more aware of their mental wellbeing. Issues highlighted include loneliness, perfectionism, competitiveness, independence and social media. There is also a link to a useful article giving tips and advice on how to deal with these issues. – click here for link to ‘What’s Up With Everyone’

Mind & Body Session – S4-S6: Dance Studio, 12.40-1.10pm


‘Your Body, Your Image!’
This is a series of 4 films that bust body image myths and investigate the commercialisation of body image ideals, promoting debate in the classroom:
Body Talk and Body Bullying (7.35 mins)
Cultural influences on body ideals and body image (5.54 mins)
Changes in body ideals and trends throughout time (7.27 mins)
Fashion and beauty industry influences on advertising (6.52 mins)

Boxfit – S1-3: Dance Studio, 12.40-1.10pm


‘My Troubled Mind’
A series of powerful animated short films exploring through personal testimony the experiences of teenagers dealing with mental health issues including eating disorders, anxiety, addiction and depression. – click here for link to ‘My Troubled Mind’Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, viewer discretion may be advised.

Staff v Senior Pupils Volleyball: Games Hall, 12.40-1.10pm


‘Coping with Financial Pressures’
A short drama about young people coping with financial pressures. Teachers notes are included to encourage class discussion. – click here for link to ‘Coping With Financial Pressures’

Breathing Workshop – Pupil Session: Conference Suite – 12.45-1.10pm
Learn about the vagus nerve and how to use simple technique to enhance your wellbeing and stop anxiety fast.
Staff ‘Games & Grub’ – 12.34-1.24pm
Please bring your own lunch along to the Staffroom and enjoy some fun games and great company!