S1 Parent Information Evening

Here is the presentation from the S1 Parent Information Evening held virtually on 7th September 2021.

We discussed communication methods; young people’s learning and the curriculum; and the Google Suite for Education, its uses and its benefits:

S1 & Beyond Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who should I contact if I think my child is getting too much/too little homework?

A: You should contact your child’s pupil support pastoral teacher for all curricular/pastoral and wellbeing concerns. You should have their direct email address, but if not,you can use the school general email: cultsacademy@aberdeencity.gov.uk

Please do not use the pupil support pastoral teacher’s G-mail address.

Young people should not be spending all their home time doing homework; after a hard day at school, they require to be doing something different. We do feel that homework is important, it helps with consolidation of learning and identify areas where additional support is required. Homework and the time spent on it is very individual and will vary throughout the year but if you feel that your young person is spending too long on a piece of work or is getting anxious please contact us.

Q2: What information will Iget about my child’s progress?

A: An interim report will be issued at the end of October, commenting on effort, behaviour and homework. A parents evening will take placeon the 8th of December. A full report is issued mid May which will indicate the level achieved, progress and next steps for each subject. Teachers can also use Learning Updates and Behaviour Concerns at any time throughout the year to pass on information –these will be sent out from the school by email.

Q3: I am concerned that my child appears to be on a curriculum level for a long time and there is no report of progress.

A: Young people progress through the curriculum levels at different rates. Whilst the full report indicates level achieved it is highly likely that your young person is already working on experiences and outcomes at the level above. Most young people progress into the fourth level in many aspects of their learning before the end of S3. Learning updates can be used by a teacher to highlight concern around a young person’s progress.

Q4: How can I pass on information to the school office?

A: You can email: cultsacademy@aberdeencity.gov.uk or phone: 01224 868801 (there is an answer machine which will collect messageswhen the school is closed)

Q5: Will my child get the opportunity to choose subjects during the BGE?

A: Learners will have choice within some of the curricular areas in S3. For example young people will choose to study two out of the three social subjects (two from Geography, History or Modern Studies). They will study either Art, Drama or Music from Expressive Arts.

Q6: How do I get information about what my child is being asked to do in their Google classrooms?

Parents do not have access to a young person’s suite of apps, however there is an opportunity to receive a weekly summary of what is being asked for through Google classroom. Contact your young person’s pupil support teacher, giving them your email address, if you wish to receive this report.