NESCol Exam Preparation Classes

North East Scotland College are pleased to again be offering Preparation for Higher Exam Classes in Maths and Sciences.

These courses will run over eight 2.5 hour evening sessions in the weeks leading up to the final exams at City Campus, Aberdeen. Candidates will work in small groups to practice exam-style questions. Coaching will be provided to help candidates improve the way to approach a range of questions. We will also provide short lessons covering aspects of the curriculum that have been identified as poorly answered in previous exams. Courses are available in chemistry, biology, physics and maths and cost is £52 for each 8 week course.

Further details are available on the links below:

Preparation for Biology Higher exam

Preparation for Chemistry Higher exam

Preparation for Maths Higher exam

Preparation for Physics Higher exam

For further information, contact the NESCol Student Advice Centre.