National 4-5 French/Spanish

As part of their studies at National level, pupils will continue to develop their linguistic skills in Reading and Listening (Understanding Language Unit) as well as Talking and Writing (Using Language Unit), while covering the broad contexts of Society, Culture, Learning and Employability. These will include the following topics:

1. Society

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Media
  • Relationships

2. Culture

  • Travelling
  • Spanish/French Films
  • Literature
  • Traditions

3. Learning

  • Education
  • Current & Future Studies

4. Employability

  • Jobs & Future Plans
  • Work & CV

National 5 Modern Languages Courses develop literacy skills by giving learners opportunities to read, listen, talk and write in a modern language and to reflect on how this relates to English.

The Course provides flexibility, personalisation and choice to enable learners to achieve in different ways and at a different pace.

The Course provides learners with the opportunity to:

  • develop skills in reading, listening, talking and writing, essential for learning, work and life
  • use language to communicate ideas and information
  • use different media effectively for learning and communication
  • enhance their enjoyment and their understanding of their own and other cultures
  • develop understanding of how language works
  • explore the interconnected nature of languages
  • develop independent learning
  • develop generic skills such as working with others, research skills, presenting information and ICT skills