Modern Languages Curriculum Overview

Junior Stage (S1-S3)

Pupils in S1-S3 follow the Broad General Education in preparation for National qualifications in S4. The tasks are differentiated to take into account pupils’ different levels of ability.

The current arrangements in the BGE are that all pupils learn French during the first half of the Junior Stage (beginning S1 till Christmas of S2) to allow for continuity from the language studied in Primary. The study of Spanish is then introduced as an additional language for the remainder of the Junior Stage.

Senior Phase (S4-S6)

From S4, pupils can opt to study one or both Modern Languages at National 4, National 5 or Higher level, depending on their attainment in the language by the end of the BGE. Pupils who are working at 3rd Level by the end of the Junior Stage can study the language of their choice at National 4 level, while pupils who have attained 4th Level should opt for National 5. Pupils are expected to be working above 4th Level before embarking on the Higher course in order to cope with the level of challenge of the course. Recommended entry for Advanced Higher is an A pass at Higher level.