Advanced Higher French/Spanish

The aim of this course is to allow students to further develop their existing ability in the four language skill areas of Listening, Talking, Reading and Writing, leading to greater fluency, sophistication and accuracy in the language and a wider knowledge of French literature and culture.

For entry into this course, students are expected to have achieved a Grade A at Higher or equivalent.

This Course is made up of 3 mandatory units:

Understanding and Using Language Units
The purpose of these 2 units is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of cultural and topical issues in the relevant country/countries in the contexts of society, learning, employability, and culture. Students will develop the skills needed to understand and use a Modern Language in a wide range of contexts and increase their language proficiency, while enjoying opportunities to discuss, compare and contrast a number of topical issues.

Specialist Study
This unit will provide students with the opportunities to develop analytical and evaluative skills through the study of complex literary or media texts in the Modern Language. The main focus of this unit will be to develop students’ Writing skills.